Truth Exposed

by: Laurel A. Porter

Your apathy toward me is shocking
The person I have come to know
is now completely unrecognizable
I guess the script you wrote for yourself
and never fail to follow judiciously
doesn’t have a chapter on Bi-Polar craziness.
Did you thumb furiously
through a few chapters
only to discover nothing but blank pages.
(That’s not like you
-gotta be ready for anything
-calculate every minute detail ahead of time.)
Ah, and yet there it is . . .
-yet another way I’ve disappointed you
So, put up all your walls again,
like we knew you would
(And, just to clarify so there’s no mistake
I knew I would never be allowed in.)
And the crowbar I brought with me
bent in half and snapped
Your son’s in your enclosure;
and, of course, some money.
I would imagine that’s about it.
Impossible to be like I am
and understand someone like you
Completely hollow
Devoid of any substance
And all those pesky human traits
Maybe you could try to muster up
Some kindness or compassion
-just for show
It just isn’t there
-exactly how you wanted it
Turns out
You are quite the screenwriter after all
Go ahead and slap some money down
On Horse No. 6
And slip the kid a few bucks
I almost admire you
To be as cold as stone
And, always your own best company
I’d be mournful and lost
In all that empty
But I guess it suits you well.

Laurel A. Porter
Animal lover. Bird watcher. Mental illness advocate. Pro indigenous rights. Sometimes writer.  Mom to a very special cat, Pajama Girl.
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1 year ago

A very sad insightful poem.. I could feel the desolation here and the emptiness of this other person in the relationship. You deserve better, Be blessed in the rest of your life.

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