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We Are The Spirits of The Sun and of The Water

by: Guildford Windley

We are The Spirits of the Sun and of The Water
We are born of suns that shine at the edge of time
Starlight from a distant past
Awash in the oceans of the universe
We are the water from a time long ago
Carried here on spaceships of rocks called meteors
Shooting stars that found a home on a lonely outpost
Floating in a sea of blackness, we dance, in an endless dance around an insignificant ball of gas
We are but light, the souls of many on a journey through eternity
We are the earth, we are the fire, we are the wind, we are the rain and snow, we are the sky, and we are the night
We are the wave that touches the shore
The molecules of life. is what we are
For we are everything, yet we are nothing but the light in a sea of darkness
Awash in the oceans of space and time
Spirits free of flesh and blood
Yet compelled to seek the flesh and blood of a host to make a home
To live on a lonely hostile plain in a body born of the elements
The physical universe of matter
We ride the seas and like waves we cross the universe so we can learn, so we can feel, so we can be
The emotions that we gather the memories that we made, and the knowledge that is gained are stored well within the fabric that is space – For each and every life that we live
We are the dark energy that powers all universes
We are the Normal matter that drives the creation
We are the dark matter that holds matter together and maintains the laws of physics
For we are spirits of the mystic who all dimensions
We are the force that gives life—We are the light
Guildford H Windley
August 15, 2020

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Laurel A. Porter (@laurelporter)
7 months ago

Can I just say your writing is beautiful.

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