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We Need to take a Stand

We Need to take a Stand

by: Guildford Windley

We need to take a stand
We turn our heads, we look away
We close our hearts and minds to the truth
Our eyes do not see what we need to see
Blind are we to the truth
We live in fantasies of a world free of care everywhere people go about their lives never once do they question all their lies
We believe what we are fed
The propaganda hand is there
To buried the inconvenient truth
But it’s our inaction to find the truth
That leads to pain for those being crush by the man
We need to take a stand
The poor, the elders, vets, and others
People of color, the immigrants that don’t fit his America
We say it’s sad, and then turn away let the government handle it
We wash our hand of it
But there’s a storm a-coming
A price to be paid
We need to take a stand
We have enabled a racist fool to destroy
The dignity that we once had
We turn away people in need, send people back to die; we don’t even blink an eye
He breaks the laws he promises to uphold
But yet we don’t do anything at all
We need to take a stand
We sit there and watch corruption take place right before our eyes he has filled the government with those who buy the post
The swamp he claims, in reality, was a bureaucracy built to serve the land
He drains the brains that make this country great
In its place, the swamp is filled with a greedy class of scum
We do nothing we just let it go
The man is not all there, wanting to by Greenland one day and talking to Frederick Douglass on another day
When does this shit stop
Now is the time to rise up
We need to take a stand
We either use article 25 or we impeach
If the Republicans refuse
We hit the streets and shut down the government
Freedom comes not to the weak of heart but to those who have the passion to fight!
Guildford H Windley
August 30, 2019

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