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Whispers in My Ear

Whispers in My Ear

by: Guildford Windley

Whispers in My Ear

It never ends
He haunts me so
I try but he won’t let go
All my hopes and all dreams, burn in ashes
For everything I try to do
He crushes
With words he whispers
That reverberates in my brain
The power that he has
Holds me down
It suffocates my will
My nemesis
Takes control, and I fail
My life is that, of one defeated
An inescapable spiral downward
My fears are all well founded
For my nemesis
Is always near
To whispers in my ear
Why try
You will just be a fool
You know
You can’t win
You’ll Just give in; stop trying
Listen to me now
You’re a failure and you know it
What my nemesis says
Reverberates through my mind
I will never win
As long as I listen to him
But I can’t let go
For you see
My Nemesis is

Guildford H Windley
September 7, 2018

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