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Who will You Be In The Mirror?

Who will You Be In The Mirror?

by: Guildford Windley

Who Will You Be in the Mirror?
In the mirror, ones can see their own imperfections those in imperfections that are for all to see
On the surface of our body for all to see
We can only hide some of those things to some degree
But down deep inside of us lies the truth that the mirror can not see
Within our minds is where our hopes, dreams, and desires reside
Here we hide from the world what deep secrets that we will not reveal keep inside our soul and heart are the forces that mold us
We conceal for fear things that others may find unappealing or even crazy – we don’t want people seeing things that may embarrass us
It takes a determined mind to push aside those fears to reach out for our goals
Yes we want to be recognized and appreciated
We want to belong; no one wants to be unloved
We need the human touch or at the least the love of a loyal pet
To live alone in the silent of a room with just four walls is no life at all; we need to stretch our wings and stand for what our essences is- be who we truly are
To share a smile and to hear a voice, to touch another’s hand or be held in someone’s arms
This is what a human needs- it answers to our hopes and dreams
For what is life without love or caring?
But sometimes we need to say this is what I am, see me for the truth, not the mirror copy of imperfection that to see when you look at my surface—look deep within me to see what’s driving me
How can one share their lives vision, if no one is there to listen? Well sometimes we need to shout above the crowd
For those poor souls so lost and all alone a life without other human beings in a world of despair
Does one give up and throw away and discard what throbbing in their soul and heart or:
Do we follow the beat that drives the soul and the heart, go where the faint of heart will not go?
Oh, the road may be rocky and you may be all alone, and you may fear the unknown but
Big dreams need a big heart to drive them to fruition, to reach that might goal of new creations
But in the end, it is worth it, for you listen to the forces that that thrive within your being
As for others, it’s so much sweeter to watch those who thought you would fail
To see their faces go all pale
As for those that always knew you could make that grade, those folks who had your back all the way
Well, they’ll be there to cheer you on.
So my gift to all of you is no matter what the world throws at you, stay strong and carry on with what you want to do, what you want to be
Be yourself for if you live a life that others want that’s no life at all- for that’s the life of imperfections
That’s the reflection from the mirror
For some, that’s all they want to see.
Guildford H Windley
February 21, 2020

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