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Why I Love Daily Wisdom Words!

Why I Love Daily Wisdom Words!

by: Yasir Sulaiman

I me and myself! Like every other writer or poet on this platform, I also ventured into this field as there were many stories inside me that had to be shared. Several incidents of my poetry/stories happened exactly or similarly to incidents in my life. I had to share these with someone. Voices of the past, present and the future I imagined were tossing around in my head. They were tormenting me and I was losing my senses of reality and fiction. That is when I got introduced to DailyWisdomWords through a close friend to whom I always will be grateful (Shirley Satterfield). I finally sensed freedom.

As every writer, poet or artist history has ever seen; I too was regarded as mentally ill for the thoughts I shared. Every word I spoke, every phrase I wrote and every dream I had was regarded to be pure hallucinations. But I was just like any other normal person. How could I be blamed for just being different? Hence the only getaway for me from this world of double-minded people was the imaginary world I created through my books.
I have been writing since the age of eight; perhaps even before I learned about the different aspects of English grammar; even before I had enough words in vocabulary to phrase my thoughts. An overview of the difficulties I have been facing in life has been narrated in another one of my posts. So I am not repeating that here. My point is writing became more than just a passionate hobby for me. It became my means of survival. But English still is a foreign language in my country (India) and like everywhere else; money defines the boundary between failure and success. Money, I didn’t have.
I throw an open challenge to any other Indian author reading this post. Have your books or any form of writing become successful? By success, I mean has it been published in print all across the country/the world and has it been bringing revenue to you without any investment in the first place?? Did any reputed publisher in India glorify you just for the work you did and not for the money you paid them?
Paying money to get your job done – isn’t that also a form of bribery? Haven’t entire governments fallen in this part of the world on the same charge?
I did not and still do not have enough money. But my difference? I am currently a member of DailyWisdomWords. I am among of hundreds if not more of other minds who actually appreciate my work for no other hidden intent. I am measured not by the value of money I have in my bank but the value of every word I write. Thanks to DailyWisdomWords, a few other organizations such as International Book Promotion as well as Facebook groups including Dr. Graham Clingbine’s; my name and my work is known across every corner of the world.
Now the same people who criticized me earlier for around two decades are my followers. The same publishers who rejected my work saying I am worthless want me to stand with them! Thank you DailyWisdomWords; you have given me a new identity in life….
I may sound either too arrogant or dumb to you….
My wisdom may make no sense to you…
But pardon me everyone; don’t judge me before you know me entirely….
I am what I am, because I am the only person I know how to be…

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