What do we need to release everything negative in our lives?  What is left when we experience something negative in our lives?  Is it visible what happens?  No, it is not.  We cannot see energy.  Negative energy is invisible and so is positive energy but there are residual effects of both of these.  Regardless of the energy, like all energy it needs to be used or expended like fuel.  What this means is if you don’t release negative energy, it will be released, regardless.  

Before going any further, let us take a look at the meaning of our daily wisdom word, release in our Webster Dictionary and daily wisdom word meaning of release.

Webster Definition of Release-1.  allow or enable to escape from confinement, set free.  2.  Allow something to move, act or flow freely.  3.  remove restrictions or obligations from someone/something s0 that they become available for other activity.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Release-1.  to let go of something to create room for something new and better.  

We all get angry from time to time, whether it be at ourselves or another person or situation.  I know when this happens to me, if I don’t release these feelings by expressing it to the person I feel angry towards in the kindest way possible, I suffer.  If it is not possible to share with them this anger due to how they may react, I will need to write it down or share it with a friend to release this negative energy.  What happens when I do not release this energy? I turn it inward and release it upon myself.  This may be in the form of a lowered self-esteem because I did not have the nerve to confront this person, or it may affect my perception of myself and weaknesses I feel I have.  

I find for myself, I sometimes bottle up negative energy and have to release it is some way.  If I am upset with another person, being that I do not like conflict, rather than speak to them about my issue, I will write them a letter.  I may never give them this letter.  I simply do this to release my negative energy to make room for positive energy or positive thoughts.  

Daily Wisdom Words is about being honest.  I feel so ashamed sometimes at myself that I don’t handle coping with loss or potential loss very well.  In the past, I have had a friend who I was close to develop cancer.  I felt in my heart she might die.  I had never met her, but knew her over social media, and recently sent her an apology email because I wasn’t there for her via phone while she was going through this.  I kept worrying she was dead, and at the same time her cancer developed, my sister developed oral cancer, stage 3 and it was simply too much to cope with.  There is a price to pay as well for those who need to express pain or anger and not being there for them to release it.  I sent an apology letter recently, not knowing if she was alive or dead.  What I realized as I wrote this, was I probably had suffered more not being there for her, than she did by not having me to release her feelings to.  I am far from perfect.  This has taught me how important it is, not only to release negative energy, but also be there for someone when they need to release negative energy.  I will not make this same mistake again.  I did in the apology letter, ask her to forgive me for not being there for her, not knowing if I would get a response.  She sent back an emoji of a heart and a thank you.  I lost her friendship over it.  

Sometimes when we release our feelings and thoughts, what we would like to happen doesn’t happen.  We cannot control others reactions or responses.  What we can do is take a lesson forward and leave a mistake behind.  

Thanks for reading about “release” today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.  

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW



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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
10 months ago

Oh what a lovely post.

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