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The Loss of a Paradise Love

The Loss of a Paradise Love

by: Guildford Windley

The Loss of a Paradise Love
In my dreams, it returns to me
Love that I lost to the sea,
He had come from far away
Upon the sea in a sailing ship
He found my Island paradise
I, a sweet native girl all of seventeen
You a handsome man from a distant shore
You were so different from the other boys I have known
Your long blond hair and blue eyes tantalize my every thought
You were from the cold winds of the north with skin like milk
I, from an Island with the warm trade winds, with dark brown skin long kiss by the sun
To our lands of endless warmth and soft sweet nights you came and took my heart
I see you now in memoirs glow, and feel the pain in my heart and in my soul
The tears flow from my brown eyes to wet the sand below
The days of walks we had upon the warm sand as we stroll beneath the gentle sway of the palm trees that gave us shade from the hot sun
We could hear the roar of waves as they broke upon the shore
As the fresh salt air flowed from the bay and would blow my black hair into the wind you would catch my hair and run your hand through it
You would hold me tight as we kiss at the shore edge
As the foam of the waves splash against our skins
Our feet all wet as we run along the beach having fun in the endless sun
Nights with a big moon sitting in the sky and all the stars like diamonds twinkling above as we made love
Those days, weeks and months I treasured and hold so dear in my heart
Those times I thought would always last
But then you went away
I see you now in the soft sweetness of the night as a haunting memory, as tears flow from my face
Just like the day you left on outbound tide
Your sails full of wind, as you sailed into the setting sun
My regrets in life are few of our lost love being one
I yearn for your return, as I wait upon the soft wet sand
My eyes gaze out to the horizon looking wantonly
To see your ship silhouette once again, the white sails of your ship rising in the sky, tall and wide blowing in the wind
My heart yearns for your return to me, to the beauty of my land
I wait for you, as the waves wash ashore, I long to be held in your arms
I wish to share the joy of the birth of your son
I hold him in my arms, the son that you never had the chance to know
He so sweet and beautiful, he looks just like you!
Guildford H Windley
May 12, 2020

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