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Isn’t she lovely by Stevie Wonder

Isn’t she lovely by Stevie Wonder

Love, an abstract feel that pervades the mind of many. It is a route we all have taken and will still take. Love is sweet but most times better. Well that is exactly the reason why it is sweet.

Today, I come out of a shell to tell you that I have been a victim of love and was totally shocked at how it made me act in ways I could never have imagined. This love I talk about is not just a man woman kind of love. It is the general kind of love that we have for children, siblings, fathers (happy father’s day), mothers, pets, art and a whole lot of other things my mind cannot reach right now.

Isn’t she lovely? It wasn’t a rhetorical question. Isn’t he lovely? Yes! She is. Yes! He is. Even though he turns to strangest of humans some times and acts all funny and annoying.

This song is dedicated to everyone that I love. That’s you! Welcome to Daily Wisdom Words Music Writing Exercise. My very cute name is Abuh Monday Eneojo. Friends call me Mondaydpoet. Lovers call me Monday or Abuh.

  • Listen to song
  • Compose a write inspired by song
  • Share with us

Remember, it doesn’t count if you do not invite someone to join the exercise. Lets do this!

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Trusted Member
Michelle (@michelle)
1 month ago

Bestowed charm
of once upon a time
bound to thee
mixed from tears
sweetest of memories
incline my heart
with loveliness combined
a hug wholesome with words
hold my scrawl
whimsical with distractions
i fall to pieces

Noble Member
1 month ago

She is so lovely,
such long fingers, toes,
beautiful light blonde hair
Her cute little pug nose

Isn’t she lovely,
her soul touches your heart
She will be your everything
your daughter from the start

Isn’t she precious,
gold and silver frankincense
no longer matters to me
as she is heaven sent

doesn’t she touch you,
She touches all of me
growing inside my body
Now my world she sees

I have her is lace,
a bow in her hair
she is everything
her blue eyes stare

Noble Member
1 month ago

thanks so very much hon…..

Trusted Member
Michelle (@michelle)
1 month ago

Really beautiful sam❤

Noble Member
1 month ago
Reply to  Michelle

thanks so much beautiful Michelle!!!!!

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