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Might as well smile by Bert Hart

Might as well smile by Bert Hart

One thing about Michelle Huggelmann is that she always finds a smile in all things even though they seem so straight faced. I think I admire that about her. Often times, when I dissappear from socials she’ll  without haste reach out and transfer her shine.

With nature and amazing writes, she and many other writers make people smile. Are you smiling now? Why aren’t you smiling? Wanna talk about it on Daily Wisdom Words Music Writing Exercise. I am Abuh Monday Eneojo.

  • Listen to song
  • Compose a poem inspired by song
  • Share with us
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pd_adams (@guest_9637)
24 days ago

Ditty Smile

My smile room warns not of your thunder
Darkside dawn no gemstones only new shoes
Scary TV fill my tears Bluesy Ocean

Dawn shines to buy drinks for dead man walking
Faith comes smiling welcome stomach hot giddy
Hum inclined fills Cosmos smiling ditty


Active Member
@Tetrametracall1 (@verde_mar)
24 days ago

Baking Our Love

Pulled on my shoes
your smile finding mine
we laughed about yesterday
thinking of today.

Songs of tomorrow crying
so we still hold on
as you wonder about me
gifting me a sweet smile.

Walking roads together
no one knows our chill
baking these seeds of love
thinking of you and me

Michelle (@guest_9634)
24 days ago

Heart’s blood
hurting is done
the sky sometimes
will turn a darker
shade of blue
sadness will drown
sounds of laughter of few

moonlight sonata
plays on in my mind
nestled in smiles
wrinkled n sweet
innocently rich
building castles
on clouds .


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