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2019 Poetry Contest Winner – Guildford Windley

2019 Poetry Contest Winner – Guildford Windley

Announcing the Winner of the 2019 Poetry Contest

($300 Prize)

Guildford Windley

Look into the eyes

In your eyes, I see the truth
For your soul does not hide the charade that you live
I know those insecure smiles and the act that you try to create around me
The standoffish when we greet are defenses to how you feel about me
Yet when we touch I feel so much those aches and pains—- Don’t push away
Don’t turn your back on how you truly feel
I see it in your eyes, for your soul does not lie
I understand your fear, I am also there
We are both on our own island — so all alone
How can we reach out to touch another how do we breach that void in our life- the loneliness the empty feeling inside that need for someone to love
Then I met you and my world change
For within you I saw a soul in pain, one in need of love, one in need of caring
One who could heal my own soul in pain?
Two soul’s join that can walk together on a journey through time—Hand in hand
Your soul does not lie, let go of the chains that bind you down— Let love flow in
Place your hand upon my chess, feel my heartbeat
Look into my eyes see my hurting soul
Understand we are not alone when we are both in each other’s arms
Let’s put our fears aside, let trust take place
We can build a bridge between our islands
A bridge of trust, caring, and understanding
In each other’s arms, we build a love to last a throughout eternity
Let go, my dear, of the fear, drop your pretense, let go of the charades
Take my hand come close to me
Look into my eyes and see
Both souls know the truth– its love.

Guildford H Windley
October 4, 2019

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