Time’s Eye
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Preston Jacob (@guest_1697)
2 years ago

Click-click click-click click-click
goes the tic tic tic
of the clickity clock
the mind wont stop

for what i’ve seen
you don’t know
what lies behind
the eyes of time

who are we but to see
for ourselves what we seek
I am different to each

for what i’ve seen
i do know
endless tries to define

how the Time’s eye teaches

Noble Member
2 years ago
Reply to  Preston Jacob

this is excellent, Preston

Trusted Member
Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
2 years ago

A very intriguing photo. I feel like its discerning the very contents of my heart right now, and yes time does teach us many hard lessons. I feel my mind racing now and no it just won’t stop. A real truth written here, Preston and good rhythm in this poem. Keep up the good work

Quelly (@guest_1704)
2 years ago

Lens of mine I can see the time
Fast it can go then a slow rewind
Photos I store inside my brain
Not one even none look the same
Click it does in a blink of an eye
Everything I see as it passes on by

IdeaZign Media (@guest_1703)
2 years ago

@258 I hope you write a poem response 🙂

Noble Member
2 years ago


Your poem is amazing!!

Noble Member
2 years ago

The eye in the fire,
wide with ire

They do not close
The fire continues to blow

Wide and blue,
the fire is you

the eyes are blind
they don’t see what they find

Wishing for love
from the heavens above

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