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A Cat is a Cat

A Cat is a Cat

by: Guildford Windley

A Cat Is a Cat

In life we have are ups and downs
We have times of happiness and times of sadness
Good times bad times
Life is a blessing it is also a curse
For as we come into this world, at some point we are force to leave
While we breathe the air of life, there are those who cross are path
The first being a mom and dad, in some cases only one, in other cases neither
We meet and make friends, we have relative, we love or like
There are people we don’t care for, people we hardly know
The point is people come and then they go
Dead takes its toll, and it with the loss it devastate the soul
To lose a love one is to bring forth that curse of life, you must move on from the loss of those that we love
To compound are vulnerability to our heart, is we are curse to fall in love with a pet
A dog or a cat for most people its love at first sight
Oh there are those you have love for pets, but for the most part they are few
Then there are people who have other types of pets, pigs, birds, tortoises or others
But what of that cat, they are independent and I’m sure they think that are purpose in life is to serve their needs
When it pleases them they will come to you for some love, other times they swat you away, as if to say go away peasant
Then there’s of an early morning purring in your ear, and your eyes open to see a tail loping leisurely in your face and the drool coming down the back of the neck.
You then realize the cat is sleeping on your head, oh well such is the love for those little guys
At times it like they tear up your home, scratching and running through the house
Let’s not forget how they will mess up a place, playing bouncing like they were a big wild cat
But those eyes that they give you when you scold them and you melt inside, and your anger is gone and you have turn to mush
Also have you notice, that when you use a pin light to watch them chase it, later they climb up on a table, counter or some other type of furniture and knock things off so you have to run around picking up items- Coincidence?
The point of this rambling is unlike when a person dies in most cases no one assisting in their pasting we just let them lay there and suffer. A pet is different in most cases we bring it into a vet and they tell you that it’s time to let go.
Will we all need a way finds closer, this is my way of healing the pain in my heart
You see two of my daughters lost beloved cats within a week
First there was Buffy, she is a white cat with blue eyes, and she was completely deaf, but she could sure speak up when she needed, she was a sweet beautiful little girl, she lived with my daughter Rebecca, she was loved and shares her life with two other cats. She lived to 11 years old
Second was my friend Buster O’Malley, an orange tabby, as cat he was set in its ways, and was somewhat of a grouch, but he sure loved my daughter Amy. At time he would greet me, other time not so much, you just had to catch him at the right time. Buster lived to be 9 years old
This is for them.

A Cat is a Cat

A Cat is a Cat
They are their own boss
They look to us, as those folks
That they tolerate us as long as the food is what they like
Their life is busy training human being, to serve their needs
But all the while they end up falling in love with that one person, who loves them back
A Cat is a Cat
I will give you that
They may be fiercely independent, but for the right person their love is without question
To share a life with a pet is to know what love truly is, for their love is, once given is total devotion
When that pet life comes to an end, the lost is akin to losing a child
The pain runs deep within the soul, and the heart takes another toll, of losing a loving soul
But in my heart I believe somewhere over the moon and stars, there is a place of peace, where life continues in another form
When we die and in due time we may find our soul lost and all alone, that’s when you will hear a familiar voice showing us all that sweet love, that we thought we had lost
Be it a dog, be it a cat or other pets that we loved in life, they’ll be there to guide us back to the home we left so long ago.

Guildford H Windley
February 11, 2020

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