“Having a bad day? Put your hand on your heart. Feel that? That’s called purpose. You’re alive for a reason.”

Does the following scenario sound familiar to you? You sleep through your alarm. You get up to shower and your hot water is off. You burn your breakfast. Nothing seems to go right. In short, you’re having a terrible morning.

In a previous post, I had written about coping with bad days. In this post, I would like to get a little more specific and suggest tips on how to cope with a bad morning. After all, if you’re a regular reader of my posts, you’ll know that I always advocated the idea of approaching every hurdle step by step. And the first steps to conquering a bad day is obviously conquering a bad morning.

Let’s start at the beginning. Nothing seems to be going right and you’re immediately cranky, angry and upset within an hour of waking up. What do you do?

The first suggestion comes from a counselor I regularly see for my depression. When you’re feeling bad, plan a small treat for yourself and write it down. Something like “This morning, I will treat myself to a donut.” Make sure it’s something simple so you can do it even if you other commitments like going to work. It could be anything from a chocolate donut to a Starbucks coffee. Something that excites you personally.

Also, it’s important to physically write it down rather than note it on your phone or just think it. Doing so will help it manifest in your mind quicker. From there on, focus just on that. Make that your first destination of the morning. No matter what happens, think about that treat.

A second suggestion is stretching and breathing. I’ve alluded to other similar techniques in my “bad day” post and other posts as well. The reason it’s a recurring tip in my posts is because people from all walks of life, be it psychologists, life coaches or your average Joe or Jane has vouched for it.

First, take a minute to be alone even if you have to go to bathroom to do so. Next, stretch your arms as high as you can as if flying towards the clouds like Superman. Keeping your arms up, take five deep breaths; in through the nose and out through the mouth. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results.

As odd as this may seem, smile. If you’re angry beyond a point in which you think it’s impossible, force yourself to do it, just for a couple of seconds. Much like writing down the aforementioned treat to yourself, it’ll plant the fact that you smiled in your mind even if it’s artificial because once you do it, it can’t be erased.

When you combine all three steps in totality, if nothing else, the combination will help calm you down and think rationally to head towards a better day. You won’t be transported from hell to heaven in a matter of seconds but you will see a more clear path if the tips are carried out with sincerity.

After these steps, I would recommend to go read my post on bad days. I say this not as a shameless plug but simply as a companion piece.

How do you deal with bad mornings? Do you find yourself having a bad morning often? Do you feel like the tips mentioned in this post can help? Why or why not? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below on our secure servers.

Hi, I'm Neel! I'm a writer (fiction and poetry), a journalist and currently working in the advertising business. I'm also a mental health advocate, having been diagnosed with clinical depression a few years ago.
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