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A New Beginning

by: Guildford Windley

A New Beginning
It’s a time to love, a time to heal
The pain that we feel
So much hate, so much anger
The evil that has taken over
One’s lack of tolerance and those of insecurities
The deep down feeling driving ones hate
Mindless acts of revenge for things done in the pass
Reactions of hate and violence to conspiracy throwing about, by those who profit from a speech of hate
It does not matter who you are
The only thing that we should see is the soul of thee
Religion is nothing more than a philosophy of beliefs
For those who choose, to them, it’s the truth
Let it be, one should have their say
No one religion is above the other
No one should force one belief or use hate and violence to make thee see and submit your soul to their beliefs
The color of one’s skin, the gender that they live in, should not matter
Where a person is born, the languages that they speak
Their thoughts and beliefs
How they look and what they wear
All these things and other
Should not matter
For deep down
Within us, all is a soul
The soul contains the essence of our being
For which we all are united
Link together is the
Spirits of all living things
In space and time
We are part of the cosmos
We are the dust of creation
Atoms from the stars
The mirror of all life
Is the refection
Of the soul
Theirs within this realm
An individual is formed
Their story, like a book written long ago
Each chapter will unfold
And is capture with the soul
Stored there for ages
A link for all to share
Knowledge is what life is all about
There no room for hate
There no room for fear
There no room for doubt
There no room for violence
When knowledge is about
Knowledge leads to understanding
With understanding
Guildford H Windley
March 16, 2019

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Quelly (@guest_1910)
2 years ago

Great write Guildford!!!

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