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Do you have particular idiosyncrasies?  What are indiosyncrasies exactly?  Let us take a look at the meaning of idiosyncrasies in our Webster Dictionary.

Idiosyncrasies-1.  A mode of behavior or way of thought peculiar to an individual . 2.  a distinctive or peculiar feature or characteristics of a place or thing . 3. An abnormal physical reaction to a thing or drug

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-odd things within our character or makeup that can be an actual part of our personality making us uniquely individual and special.

Idiosyncrasies can be either bad or good.  I have a special way my silverware has to face in my silverware drawer for me to feel like they are put away properly.  I have a certain way that my makeup has to be on and certain theories in life that hold water only to myself.  Idiosyncrasies can be a part of our personality and particularly unique and special.  They can also be a particular way a food tastes to an individual making them like it or not like it.

Regardless, most of us have idiosyncrasies and we need to realize this and accept them as a part of us because they rarely ever change throughout our lives.  Most of us think we are strange because of a particular idiosyncrasy because it can be an odd habit, but we must remember that the person standing next to us has an idiosyncrasy as well;  it just happens to be a different one.

For example, my mother has an idiosyncrasy about elevators.  She simply does not like them or feel comfortable in them.  She is also overly sensitive to any physical reaction to medication or various foods, but for us, it is what makes her special and unique.  My mother would not be my mother without these idiosyncrasies, and I love her for them because they are a part of who she is and her unique personality.

Idiosyncrasies make us special and different and almost all of us have a few either here or there so it is important never to judge others or be humorful with them about their idiosyncrasies as it very well may hurt their feelings because they feel that these idiosyncrasies are a part of who they are, and they are right.

Thank you so much for reading about the daily wisdom word, idiosyncrasy.  Please comment on your thoughts on idiosyncrasies, here, beneath this post in the comments section, or on twitter, facebook or google+.  This year we will be covering more social issues than ever in daily wisdom words, and your comments and thoughts are always appreciated and you may start a whole dialogue about something important.  We would love to hear from you.

Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Lebeouf/DWW

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