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A State of Mind

A State of Mind

by: Guildford Windley

A State of Mind
Once there was a weeping willow high on a hill
A wide tree with long branches that reach out for the ground, covered with leaves shelter from the hot sun
Once there was a brook so clean and so pure
A place full of life in a watery world
Fishes would pass through on their way to the sea
Once teeming with life the sounds could be heard of critters unseeing
Throughout the day, through the night they would sing with delight
Once there were fields, wild and free
Wildflowers of all types you could see
Like the painter’s palette. Multi colors there would be.
Bees and birds would hover over the sweet flowers for nectar they seek
Yes, this was a magic place to go. A place of solitude where one’s time could be spent lazily under a warm sun
A sky crystal clear spotted here and there with a few marshmallow clouds
Each cloud with its own story to tell
Yes once this place was to go to see the truth
That was the place of my youth, it’s now gone
Like innocence, I once knew
Time changes people, colder is the heart
We see things now that with a cynical view cover and blind us to the truth
What world have we created that colors are now all gray
Where is the rainbow of colors that show their way
For once we were alive true to ourselves; But no longer
Our souls we have sold to the highest bidder
Society boxed us in, told us how to live
To reach into the mirror, the place to go where we find ourselves was just not allowed for we had no choice
For the power of those who set the society rules, controls the way the world, not us see’s ourselves
Gone is the world I once knew was it a dream did it exist or was it just all in my head
Deep down inside of us He or She still lives, a human being, not a society machine
What you see is a façade of the real me my feeling my oneness all deep within, a place on a hill under an old weeping willow with a little brook and a field of wildflowers.
Guildford H Windley
August 3, 2019

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