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A Strong and Stubborn Love

A Strong and Stubborn Love

by: Guildford Windley

A Strong and Stubborn Love
As I see beyond the pain, for all the love we’ve gained
The things we have said and done while angered brought about needless pain
Yet, within us, the passion of the flame does burns deep
Within the soul
I turn away from you trying hard to flee, but for every step, I take it just brings me back to thee
Like a river flowing to the sea, deep undercurrents pull us down as our love travels on this journey life has given
The rough waters that we ride, as we move upon a river that’s so wide, at the time the gap seem impossible to close
But then when all seemed lost, somehow the gap we breach with a bridge of love
Yes my darling, we’ve had our ups and we had our downs, but the passion of our love burns within the soul
A strong and stubborn love that won’t let go!
Guildford H Windley
July 31, 2019

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