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We have all suffered from loneliness from time to time.  Loneliness affects many of us around the globe.  First  of all, let’s take a look at the definition of loneliness in our Webster Dictionary.

Webster Definition of loneliness-1.  Sadness because one has no friends or company. 2. The quality of being unfrequented or remote;  isolation

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of loneliness-1. How we feel when we are surrounded with noone or when we feel no one understands us causes a feeling of isolation and depression along with loneliness.

A  new study published back in May, 2018 found that almost half americans reported feeling alone and younger generations feel the most isolated.  We have to ask ourselves why the majority of this survey focuses on younger people in this world feeling lonely.  I would like to first address how we live our lives today;  stuck many times on our cell phone or finding entertainment through a smart application of some type.  This interaction doesn’t encourage us to spend time with others.

It’s simply a fact of life we get most of our entertainment now, because how we are spending our time, promotes being alone.  The next important thing about loneliness to remember is that it eventually leads to other conditions such as depression and isolating ourselves deliberately.

We isolate ourselves deliberately, because we are no longer in our comfort zone around others.  This, then leads to staying home more often then we did, because when we “isolate” from others, this is what we do. Mother Nature didn’t do this naturally but it is a fact of life.  Many of us report freeing lonely because of the isolation we create.  This means we choose to be lonely.  Loneliness means we also learn to entertain ourselves through our own means and you find more people now than ever

We even learn how to appease ourselves in other ways, like online shopping, online activity, X-Boxes and Playstation activities and all these things are done alone. I personally feel lonely often, yet the phone will ring and I will have a chance to talk to a good friend of mine and I will choose not to answer the phone.  Why I do this, especially when feeling lonely already is beyond my insight and I can only speculate that I am alone so much of the time, it has become my comfort zone.  Remember some good old daily wisdom words advice I am always giving, is to maintain balance in our lives.   We do need a certain amount of time alone, but we need to balance this and offset it with interactive activities outside of the home involving other people, or we do get caught up in the trap of loneliness.

We tend to stick with in our lives the things we are most comfortable with.  Once your alone rather than around others, this is what you prefer, and this is a world promoting this by making us so self sufficient without ever leaving our homes to get done the things we are used to.

The last thing I think is important about loneliness is we can be surrounded by a crowd and feel it.  What this means, is we have been alone too much of the time already and may have the beginnings of social anxiety.  I find myself, after spending so much time alone, not being as comfortable interacting with others and feel what I do have to say is probably not something others would find interesting.

The feeling I am now referring to is an offset of loneliness called social anxiety.  When we begin feeling we would rather “be alone” all of the time, is because we have made this new form of lifestyle, (being by ourselves), how we spend the majority of time and it is what we are comfortable with more so than socializing.

What types of steps should we take to feel more comfortable in our surroundings with others after we have gotten used to being alone?  First of all, join or sign up for a membership to a gym or health club or activity group of some kind, even if it is just once a week.   Make an effort not encourage your comfort zone with your time spent alone.  Second, read more often.  How is this related to loneliness?   Part of the reason we may feel more comfortable being alone is because we are not secure enough with ourselves to have something interesting to share with others.  Reading current events, will make you feel like this is untrue any longer.  Lastly, what we can do to feel less lonely is remove our creature comforts or reduce the amount of time spent doing these things such as using a playstation, burying ourselves in a movie or television, and get out of your home.

Staying home to much of the time, will encourage loneliness over a period. of time.

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