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A Tale that is true(well almost)

A Tale that is true(well almost)

by: Guildford Windley

A Tale that is true (well almost)

Well how should I begin, a tale I wish to share
Now let me warn you that what I’m going say, may bring fear to you
It’s a tale that’s all true, and you may feel a gripping fear as the story unfolds to you
So I caution you to heed my words and hold someone dear, close to you
Where should I begin, oh yes I know
It was just after the Sun had set, and sky had turn a purplish hue
The moon was on the rise and hiding in the clouds
Upon the street I live, the normal sounds of the day where now at rest
Our little house sits at the end of a dead end street
Just up a little hill and it’s surrounded by tall trees
We had finished a delicious dinner just while ago
My wife and young children left, they departed to parts unknown
The house was mind alone
So in the far corner of the living room, near the fire place
I found myself all comfy in my old big leather chair
Some soft music was in the air, as I reclined in my easy chair
A floor lamp lit the room; a fire crackled in the fire place to warm the room
Here all alone I took solace in a book
A book by Edgar Allan Poe
As I sat there reading lost in his words, it’s suddenly occurred to me
That something was not right, I noticed my quiet neighborhood
Was now not so quiet, the sounds I heard gave me chills
This is not right, what could be the cause of these frightful sounds
I tried to return to the story at hand, but the distraction gave way
The noise grew louder, I feared for my neighbors
The ghastly sounds made my blood curdle as they grew closer
Now on my front porch steps, I could hear a commotion
Then my worst fears were realized
As I heard a knocking at the door
I put my book aside, and hope that the knocking would subside
But that was not my fate, I could hear them loud and clear, there was more than one
No, the knocking did not stop; I thought if I were quiet they would go away
But I had no such luck as the banging on the door grew more with each hit upon the door
No, I could not ignore the sounds no more
Its pulsating sounds drove me to my feet
I had no choice but to meet my fears
So with all courage that I had, my hand took hold of the door
As it swung open I could see standing there a group of creatures
Must have been at least twelve maybe more, I could not say for sure
I shook in fear; they were all at least ten feet tall
Then I realized in my fear, I was over magnifying
In reality they were quite small
As my fear gave way to a foolish grin; I felt no harm from them
Before me were an odd collection of ghosts and goblins and all other creatures of the night
I said in my bravest voice, what pray tell summons you to my door, for which they replied trick or treat
I took a step back not sure what to do; then it caught my eye
On the table near the door sat a bowl of tasty treats, next to the bowl was a note
My brilliant wife must have known that they were coming, for the note read; Please give one to each child, my darling
As I handed out my ransom each little monster said thank you, upon which they left
When all were gone, I sighed in relief; I turn and close the door
I thought to myself it was quite clear though they gave me a fright, they were all very polite
Then suddenly I heard another knock upon the door!

Guildford H Windley
July 24, 2018

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