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A Thirsty Koala Bear

A Thirsty Koala Bear

by: Guildford Windley

A Thirsty Koala Bear
A Koala bear come out of the burnt-out woods on a road it sought out a human on a bike that was driving by
The little guy was thirsty, in a desperate search for water
He came to a human for help, the biker saw the pain in the bear’s little face
He shares his water bottle, to quench the thirst of the Koala bear
An act of kindness that for the most part goes unnoticed in a world full of hate and fear
But in a country on fire, people and other creatures struggle for survival, but even in this struggle there is humans and critters who help one another
The fire has taken its toll, on the land down under
A place like ours but different, with animals, and forests that our unique
In this land is world of its own a place of diversity, a continent seeming lost in time
A place of beauty the Continent of Australia
Now aflame because of man’s in action
What does it take to realize climate change?
All around the world things are going bad, with fire and floods
The storms of the century are happening more frequently
The oceans are getting warmer and are rising
Pollution is everywhere, our air and water
But Climate change is being denied— why?
Money is the reason, for fossil fuels drive the economies of Nations
When will we learn, that money is not the answer
The future of our planet demands an answer
It matters not that a Koala bear has a cry for water, for it just as well could be a child
In the end, the money will not matter
For if the land and water is not livable
No food to eat, or water to drink
The air is not fit to breathe
Money won’t mean a thing
When the skeptics finally see the truth
That mankind thirsts for fossil fuels
Drove engines that pollute and carbon dioxide from these gases hold the heat in the atmosphere, that brings about a rise in temperature
A major force in climate change
These Skeptics will see too late the devastation that they brought
For when they come out of a burnt-out forest, looking for help, who will be left to give them water!
Guildford H Windley
January 18, 2020

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