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A Violence of Our Own Making

A Violence of Our Own Making

by: Guildford Windley

A Violence of Our Own Making
Where has the Sun gone, behind the clouds of gray?
Why do I sit here, no longer do I have a tear
I just stare at the TV as the band plays on
One by one they are all gone, each day just like the last
One more shooting, many more people dead, killed by an ass
What did we learn, from our thoughts and prayers you’re just praying to air
Gun control, video games, who gives a shit, people are dead
The pain and the violence are real, this is no game
Human beings slaughtered for someone’s irrational beliefs, the blood on their hands was put there by others
You can talk all you want about what to do, still, after so many killings no actions have been taken
I sit here in a blind state loss of all rationales, my emotions drain to the point that I can’t feel the pain for those who have been a loss to the violence too date
So many killings, how many killings can a heart take
Still in my distorted stares, shocked and dismayed out of the loud glare of the TV as news keeps coming in
Nine dead here, twenty dead there so many wounded, the numbers are numbing as they fill the air
We as a nation live by the gun, the violence of wars that are never won
Mass murderers of strangers or the killing of love ones
Seems every day we lose someone to acts of another
Anger frustration they all take their toll, but all we can do is pray for their souls
I cry out from the wilderness of the lost for the families whose loved ones that died from these Macbeth tragedies
It seems forever that we have taken a stand, and said enough of this let it end. But no one will listen, for the shout out in fear they cry for a solution
But all we do is talk in an endless cycle; we have betrayed those who have died because of the violence
Words spoken do not stop those devoted to carnage only the action of those who are entrusted with power can make a difference
Please hear our pleads the world is watching as we slaughter ourselves
Stop the violence; stop blaming each other look to the root cause of for there is the answer!
Guildford H Windley
August 4, 2019

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