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An Angel Came to Me

An Angel Came to Me

by: Guildford Windley

An Angel came to me
An angel came to me just before Christmas Eve
The angel was in a velvet box
The angel was of the finest Irish crystal
A beveled angel with her wings in full
In her handheld high is a dove ready to fly
I don’t know why it caught my eye as I looked for Christmas gifts
But there it was and it took my breath away
I knew just then our tree would not be complete
Without this angel, ornament to reflect the multicolored lights of our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve
Just after my new angel ornament arrived
Words of sadness did we hear, a relative was near death. A lady who gave her life, to the care of others
I’m sad to say she died before the Christmas night
When we placed the angel upon the tree, the lights shined so bright and reflected a spectrum of beautiful light through our sweet angel on high
But my beautiful angel gave me pause as we enjoyed our tree
I thought about the life now gone and in my sadness, it struck me
God gave me a gift, in the angel that I bought
For in that beautiful piece of glass the reflection of her beautiful life
I shall remember that lady’s life for in her passing the angel on our tree reminded me of a new beginning
I knew then and now there was a new angel birth in heaven.
Guildford Harold Windley
January 7, 2020

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