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Butterflies and Flowers

by: Guildford Windley

Butterflies and Flowers
In this life
Some people strive
For wealth
Some want fame
To reach their dream
They sacrifice everything
Their work is their life
No time for the beauty
That makes life worth living
In their hustle
They have little time for relationship
They do not feel the touch of others
To them nothing matters
For all they see are silhouettes
No time for the things that matter
No time
For Butterflies and flowers
Love is just
One night stand
That’s always lacking
A soul that’s just a drift
Lost to life’s meaning
No skies of blue
No Mountain Majesty
No Forest of green
The sounds of the ocean roar
They can’t hear
Their mind is blocked
Locked in their own world
Of despair
For fame and fortune
Is an elusive thing
There’s never enough
To fill that emptiness inside
That their single-mindedness brings
There’s no
Butterflies and flowers
World of multi colors
All they have is
Black and white
In the end they have lost what might have been
A lifetime
Of joy and happiness
For the fame of sharing life with others
For the fortune
That’s within ones soul
Filled with love not gold
To know at the end of the day
When one lies in rest
That the world that they know
Is warm not cold
For true wealth
Lies within
For when we depart this old world
All the material things
Will not matter
For all
That will truly matter
Butterflies, flowers

Guildford H Windley
September 18, 2018

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Delores Chappell (@originallady)
2 years ago

I really liked the way you expressed “life” through the title: Butterflies and Flowers! Well Done!

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