Eternal Love

by: Guildford Windley

Eternal Love
There were waterfalls that we saw on trails that we took
There were rainbows, of multi colors
That followed the storms
As we sheltered with a warm fire
Sunny days and starry nights
Sunflowers and red roses
There were fields of wildflowers where we once ran
Trips that we took to exotic lands
There were dinners and dances that last through the night
Then breakfasts with sheepish delight
The intimacy of love, the secrets between us
the world will never know
We had the world, we had it all
The waterfalls
The rainbows
Sunflowers and red roses
Our world was so wonderful the love that we share
God it’s so unfair, why did it end
It had just begun and now it’s done
You, my dearest you were so young who would think that the sickness would come
Six months ago, just a year after our wedding you were struck
The illness ravaged your body
The chemo did nothing and the cancer just metastasize
They removed your breast and you were afraid that I would turn away from our love
Though it scared me you were still so beautiful and always will be
I need to be strong for you to be the strength you needed
I hope and prayed for a cure-there never was one
Our love was all that there was
The thought of losing you was too much- I lost my faith in God
The mastectomy did not stop the cancer spread
Now here I am where I reside next to your death bed
I’m devastated at my loss love
How can I go on, how can I live this life
How can I breathe without the breath that you gave
Fear, not my love for I’m not gone
The empty vessel that you hold next to your body is not me anymore
Never was me, just a home that I needed- for the real me is here beside you
Like a butterfly, I have shed that body
I’m now behind the shroud that separates these two worlds
But unlike you, I can move freely between the two
I’ll always be with you my love
I’ll surround you like a fog
Clinging with my arms around you
My voice will whippers like the wind, so you’ll know that I am near
In your dreams, we will see each other and share that sacred moment
Our journey going forward may seem like forever to one stuck in the mortal world
But beyond the shroud of our two worlds
In the place I now reside, there’s no time
So I know you’ll be with me in an instant
Just know this my dearest
When your time does come
Your last breath will be our first kiss
Guildford H Windley
September 18, 2020

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