Have you heard of a fog sculpture? I guess your answer is no. Let’s talk about it on DWW PICTURE POETRY.

So, I was reading a book by Dan Brown and I can’t across the term in chapter one of ‘The Origin’. Bemused at a term I knew nothing about and sought help from an online encyclopedia that you all know and I was shock at my discovery.

Based on research, a certain Fujiko Nakaya is credited for making fog sculptures. She makes them graciously by using technology, architecture and nature.

Let’s talk about fog sculptures today.

-see picture

-compose a poem inspired by picture with words in title

-share with us

For further information on Fujiko Nakaya and her fog sculptures. Click on link below

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@Tetrametracall1 (@guest_8457)
6 months ago

Gather these tears sculpting you
hold them close
your water of life
gifts from your heart.

You move with us in light
even fog cannot darken
hold our eyes in yours
we share our water.

Our minds draw near
hold our thoughts with yours
love matters every day
yours always, Reenie.

Michelle (@guest_8456)
6 months ago

So beautiful..that’s the spirit let’s share some love n blessings for her..💞

Michelle (@guest_8453)
6 months ago

A child in pain
Cast morning shadows
a mind pinioned
betwixt the fog n tears
of a mother’s fear
for all that is worthy of love
in the dawn of unity
she is a beautiful metaphor
sculptured upon a right note
of fresh fragrance in
the zenith of a
golden harvest

To  ReenieReid1

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