Freedom Loss

by: Guildford Windley

Freedom Loss
Freedom dies in the dead of night when people fall prey to the lies that politicians tell them.
When we don’t stand up to those who lie, then they’ll simply lie some more.
Freedom dies when people do not care when the right of others disappear.
Freedom dies base on lies that people buy as truths.
When politicians sell their souls so they turn blind to the corruption their hands filled with bribes of gold for defection.
Money is the evil that rots within and takes your soul with it for politicians who gain in power this can become easy prey for this temptation.
A tyrant takes control when people have no say, and those they have elected turn their heads away.
Freedom dies as one’s vote does not count, for it is lost in a game of corruption, brought by a king who has rigged the voting of the people’s rights to a fair election.
Freedom dies when there is no one to lead the nation, and cries for our rights fall on death ears.
So in these days of unsettled business, one party has forsaken its oath of office and swore allegiance to our new tyrant.
So say goodbye to the Constitution, and a country we once had for sake of special white people’s interest we sold our freedom to this man.
Sometime in the future, we will see the rise of fascism for what it is, but by that time too late, it will be.
For freedom dies in the dark of night and people are blinded by the lies.
But the true reason for the loss of freedom lies within the people for the hate that they have for others not like them, and the desire to take those people’s rights away.
A tyrant only sees an opportunity for power, when weak-minded people, in fear of others, will seed their rights to someone who will stoke their hatred.
Guildford H Windley
January 26, 2020

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