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Life is full of them-restrictions and rules.  Most of these rules or restrictions are laws that we follow through our justice system.  We must follow these restrictions and rules to get along in society.  These types of restrictions are not the ones I am referring to as we all must follow them to avoid breaking laws that govern us.  The kind of restrictions I want to talk about today are those restrictions and rules or beliefs we set out for ourselves to follow.  For example, I may have it set in my mind that I can’t lift over 10 pounds of weight when working out.  This may be true or have been true at some point in our lives, but in all reality, this rule or restriction we place upon ourselves, is limiting us from achieving new goals. These limit our achievements in life and our achievements in success.  I am NOT talking about the restrictions a doctor has placed on us for our own safety.  I am talking about restrictions for no reason other than self-doubt we place upon ourselves.  If we’re not able to do something exercise-wise because of a health restriction then we have to follow the restrictions set in place by our doctor.  Restrictions should never be set by ourselves not to move past without getting stronger or closer towards the goals we wish to reach.  

Let us take a look at the meaning of restrictions from our Webster Dictionary as well as the DWW meaning of restrictions.

Webster Dictionary Meaning of Restrictions-1.  A limiting condition or measure, especially a legal one.  2.  The limitation or control of someone or something, or the state of being limited or restricted.

DWW Definition-The limitations we place on ourselves based on what we believe to be true often set from a position of fear or weakness.  

Restrictions play a role in many other aspects of our lives.  There are restrictions in speed with our cars when driving.  These are restrictions that are good for us.  Restrictions placed on us by ourselves are the kind of restrictions I am referring to if they hinder us from our goals and dreams.  These are the kinds of restrictions we use excuses to create.  When we find ourselves using excuses with restrictions, then perhaps these restrictions are ones we should second guess.  Today as your thinking, ask yourself:  Am I placing a self-imposed restriction on myself, or is it necessary for my safety?  You may find you are using them to create an excuse not to do something you could be doing. 

Thanks for reading about restrictions today.  Have a blessed and beautiful day.  Samantha Leboeuf/DWW





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