I am who I am

by: Guildford Windley

I am who I am
What of the light on break of dawn?
What of the stars we see when the sun goes down
Where in my heart does the pain beat on?
Is there a place where I belong?
I see a world caught up in hate
Violence spread across the land like a plague
No place to go, no place to be
I am who I am, that no one can change
Hate, violence, and beatings of me, will not alter that fact
You may marginalize me, my color of skin or my sexual identity or the condition I’m in
You may attack me for the country I was born in; reject me for I am not a mirror of you
I might be poor; I might be rich; brilliant of mind, well-educated or never a chance of education given to me
You see me no matter what as a source of all your problems; you’re told my presents will destroy your world
I am here as I am because this is where I was meant to be
What you see is what you get; I am the light of the dawn
I am the stars that appear when it is dark
You do not try to change them, then why try to change me
You do not try to turn away what comes from the night or the day, so why would you want to send me away
What I bring to this table, I will share, do not be afraid of my difference let me be who I am
Those who speak in your ear, to tell you to hate, that you should fear those not like you
Those people only speak to divide and to create a diversion for what is really going on
See me for who I am a person who feels the repression you bring, for my heart breaks with the pain
We all want the same thing this is true, acceptance, understanding, respect, and love is the need for all humans.
Instead of a fist full of hate; reach out with a hand for us to shake
You can be you; I can be me, now in a world where the new morning sun can greet the stars of the night
We can be free of bigotry and hate for chains of our destruction will have been broken
That we all are you unique with gifts we have to share
For diversity brings forth all that binds us with humanity it creates a world where we all can grow, whereas those caught in a world of hate for people not the same will only lead to self-destruction
What type of world would you want; one with both a Sun and stars to bring us the light or a place full of the same?
Guildford H Windley
August 17, 2019

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