How do we find the right solutions to our problems?  Is there any ideal way to find the proper one?  There is certainly various ways to find the right solution to any problem however, this article will tell you some general pointers you can use when trying to find solutions to your issues and problems in my experience.

First, Let’s take a look at part of the meaning of solutions that applies to what I am writing about in our Webster Dictionary.

Solutions-1.  A means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.  2.  the correct answer to a puzzle.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Solutions-Finding the right answers for your particular situations that your challenged with and gaining a solution through various processes.

Some of us seem to have all the answers.  You wonder what makes this type of individual easily and comfortably have all the answers. IF you were to ask one of my friends or family if they need advice who they might turn to, I can say, I would probably be someone they would consider when looking for advice for problems, especially affairs of the heart.  However, when I am having my own problems, especially those that have to do with affairs of the heart, I can’t seem to come up with the answers so quickly.

I am writing this today, to let you know IF you need advice on something, you will now be able to email me at or if your a member of Daily Wisdom Words, send me a message directly.  I would like to let you know this is an idea I am thinking about, and would like your feedback in the “join the discussion” area beneath this article

Solutions come in all forms, but sometimes we may need advice from a friend, to help guide us with the right decision on how to solve a particular problem.  If you have a friend that can give you good advice, reach out to them.

Another way to solve a problem, that most people don’t take the time to do, is to clearly write the problem down.  Do a T cross on the paper, and under one side, list the pros of a potential decision, and on the other side, list the cons.  When your finished, look at the side with the most potential outcomes that would be positive for your problem and go with this for your decision.

One thing we must realize about solutions, is the answer to our problem is rarely perfect.  We must simply go with the best “possible” decision.

There are many other ways to solve a problem.  One thing you want to make sure of if you need a quick decision, your environment is private and quiet when you go to process it.  Take the proper time to meditate on potential solutions, and work from there.

The perfect decision for us depends on our particular circumstances, and only we know this.  Do your best to take the time to process.  second, use the T list I referred to above.  Third, make sure your environment is quiet and you have the time to make the best possible solution.  Fourth, if you still cannot come up with the best possible solution for you and the other party your responsible for, then talk to a friend or professional you trust.

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Thanks so much for reading,

Samantha Leboeuf



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