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I Feel So Small

by: Guildford Windley

I Feel So Small
One night as I looked up at the stars
It occurred to me how small I really must be
There up in the sky were trillions upon trillions of stars
Who knows how many, there is more than anyone will ever see
We live on a small planet, in a small solar system, one not of importance in the scheme of things
In fact, there are planets so big they could swallow our Sun and all the planets and still have room
When you put this all together, one can see why
I question my own existence, for what is my life
What if I never was? What if there was no me
How would the world change without little me?
For one thing that I know those who dislike me
Those looked down on me, who judges me so
Those that cared for me, and those who loved who I am
All these people and those who could care less
Will, if I never exist, would their life be amidst
For without my life, the footsteps that I walked would never show
All the lives that I affected for good or bad would be changed for we would never meet
What if I never was?
My wife would not be my wife, someone else would have the love she now gives to me
Also all my children their lives would not be and in the course of time, so many lives would so change.
All because, a little clog, like me, never was
When you think about the enormity of space and of time itself
Just reflect on this, if there were no stars or light to use for reference, just total darkness of space, there would be no time
For, time is a state of mind, without a reference it does not exist
So with that in mind, think of this no matter how small you feel
To all, that you see like time itself, you’re a reference
So it goes for each and everyone one of us no matter how small we see our self, we were meant to be
Just like time, there is a reason, just like space without a beginning, one without ending
No matter how big the universe, it’s still the little things that count
Remember this, my friend, for want of an atom; there would be no Universe at all.
Guildford H Windley
April 21, 2019

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