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Moments of One’s Life

by: Guildford Windley

Moments of One’s Life
As the leaves fall from the winter trees
Life changes just a little, but do we notice
As the river flows each drop of water goes by
Life changes as time goes by, but do we notice
Life is what it is
Some good, some bad, some seem to change not at all
But life goes on; it’s not the same from day to day but do we notice
It may appear the same old routine, as the hours go by
But no, there are subtle little changes
Changes we do not see, with the passing of each day
Like pages in a book, they may look the same
But when you read each page, you see different words or phrases
The winter waits for the spring to renew itself
We, on the other hand, wait for love
Understanding and caring as we fade into irrelevance
The change of life is there, it’s moving as we speak
Our time comes and goes, like each winter snow
The land changes just a little, that we don’t see the movement of the land, we just don’t notice the changes that there be
We are just same we change just a little, but in time what was, is gone, by then it’s too late
Like when you finish one page, you move on to the next
This won’t end until, the end, and then it’s too late for the things you missed in the words you missed
For in the end those precious moments are all gone
Such as life, each moment is so important, but we take it all too often, just for granite
Add up all those lost moments and what you have is a story of one’s life, just like a book
Such a pity that we see this in old age, at the end
Time wasted, time lost, when we could not see an end
Moments were not so important then!
Guildford H Windley
December 29, 2018

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Trusted Member
Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
2 years ago

This is excellent and trust me every moment becomes vitally important when you are old and all the simple pleasures of life like just sitting with a friend become vitally important.

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