by: Guildford Windley

A baby comes on the whispers of October bringing forth a new sweet morning.
A child with bright blue eyes and a sheepish grin, that won the hearts of all near him.
The child I knew grew in a home of love, a dad and mom with all they could to make a world just right for their special guy.
He had health issues that slowed him down but never could it keep him from breaking new ground.
With his eyes full with wonder, a mind brimming with thoughts, his dare to do attitude gave all to what he got.
One knows that young man was a bundled to handle, with a smile that could light a candle. He could melt your soul when you were feeling low and change your day thereafter.
As a man, he loved and lived and shared his life with the people who were blessed to have known him.
In the shadows of the night, his beautiful soul took flight, a new place to go, new people to meet, that sheepish grin guiding him.
We, on the other hand, are stunned, lost are we without him, not sure what to say or do.
We just know, that where there was a beautiful child, now resides a void, a place of sadness that can’t be addressed.
Still, in the silent darkness of the night, I hear his laughter in the wind, I feel his presence as the moonlight throws shadows across the place, and I turned expecting to see his face.
That smile I long to see from the bright-eyed boy full of,!

Guildford H Windley
September 20, 2017
In dedication to the life and times of Robert Donovan Brian Buscher, and to his Mom Suzie and his dad Brian who love and cherish him!

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