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So You Didn’t Vote

by: Guildford Windley

So You Didn’t Vote
So you did not vote, it was so inconvenient
To busy were you, politics did not suit you
Yes you know there were problems but too many for you to understand, too much thought was needed, and hell you could be out drinking beer with your friends
So much violence by those who wanted things the way they wanted, who knows they may have the answers
Yes it’s easy to turn your head and not see the violence
Being wage against those not like you
You know that what is happing is wrong, but drink another beer and joke with your friends
Forget the hate, after all, they are gay, they are Jews, they are black and brown, and they are women.
Hey why should you care, voting is such a pain it not worth it, let someone else do it, hell you could care less
Who has the job, after all, they are all just crooks out to enrich themselves.
Yea, just keep on partying, checking on all the girls, play your cards right you might get laid tonight
Yea who has time to vote; in the end, things will be just fine.
Well, how did it go my friend: In that year you did not vote in your homeland of Germany in 1932?
Hitler party rose to power in the Reichstag by 1933 The German President Hindenburg gave up his power by naming Hitler Chancellor the rest is history
Yes your right you have only one vote and it would not have made a difference, but you didn’t even try
Now that you’re dead looking into the face of God
Show him the hand your hands the ones you did not use to vote.
Do now see the blood of millions, those who died because you did not vote
Does your soul feel the pain of all that human suffering?
Yes you can protest to God, it is not your fault
But then again you watch and did not care to vote and in the end, you did not take a stand; but what did you do you raise your right hand and said, Heil Hitler.
So, in the end, I guess actions were your vote!
Guildford H Windley
November 3, 2018

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