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The Course of this Country

by: Guildford Windley

The course of this country

Where do we put women the Republican asked?
Well, of course, they will say, women should do what old white man say
They are to stay quiet and to accept their fate
This is not the time to challenge men
Those of you who do will know there is a price to pay
The power of the oligarchy lays sway over the people
The money that they have can turn truth into a lie
You stand up to them and they’ll crush you like an empty can
Even though the people rise up, it concerns them not
For the money that they spend to keep the people down
The lies they sell, are brought by the ones that think that they are being empowered, they’re not
Put down the rise of women, put down the people of color
Uses those of a different sexual preference to create hate and make another feel superior
For Republicans to win so as to serve their master wants
The use of being a bully sells, with hateful words to drown out the reason
A handmaid’s tale is what these old white guys seek
As for the blacks and other of color a thump on them to keep them down and profit from their misery
It’s slavery that we have, but it’s done with discrete, open your mouth and the cops will gun you down on the street
The election that we have are not truly free, there are mischief and deceit
For control of the power keeps their wealth in place
The Republicans keep saying that the judges on the highest court need to keep to the original letter of the Constitution
Yes, one written for and by white men!
Guildford H Windley
October 5, 2018

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