by: Ron Dailey

It’s twelve minutes past midnight
and you best be prepared
for you can not be frightened
nor internally scared
As you look past those shadows
from those dark voices you hear
reminiscing in ghost
you forgot through the years
As you walk past this place
while so young and so brave
yet so darkened the hole
of this lonely mans grave
Yes somewhere in the distance
from up under a tree
a dark spirit shall rise
break loose and be free
leaving behind
a soul with soiled stains
sealed up encrypted
skeletal remains
Two empty sockets
will stare up at the lid
forced to recollect
what the lonely man did
Imprisoned eternal
six feet underground
not one rise of light
not one visitor found
Yes somewhere in the distance
death – chilled to the bone
to be forever forgotten
and to be always alone !

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Trusted Member
Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
2 years ago

Believe me when I say that this lonely man will never be forgotten, for he left behind quite the literary legacy, the only kind of legacy that truly endures. This poem is quite the masterpiece, Samantha.

Delores Chappell (@originallady)
2 years ago

This is a great! I love it! Great job, Ron!

Ron Dailey (@lorddracula)
2 years ago

Thanks Delores appreciate your time for reading my tale

Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_1506)
2 years ago

this is an amazing Poem!! Great job Ron!!

Ron Dailey (@lorddracula)
2 years ago

Thanks Samantha appreciate your comment – as you know I’m new here and still learning my way about – I’ll certainly try to be more active as my time permits and thank you so kindly for your patience with me – you have a wonderful site for poets to communicate and share their thoughts – all of us should be ever so grateful to know the time and effort that goes into a site as this – I for one thank you for all you do !

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