by: Guildford Windley

The Judgment
In her eyes you can see the fear
Her voice quivers with each word
But she bravely tells her story
While the old men are mocking her
Their judgment was already cast in a closed mind
Their minds made up to protect their chosen one
She came that day so that her story could be told
Of the night that has haunted her from so long ago
For the old men this was a show to appease the demand that she be heard
The people had demanded that she be heard
The opinion of the masses, was not for the chosen one, he rated poorly with most of them
However he was chosen by a few, who knew that if he was given the power he would do the job they wanted him to do
Those old men had no plan to really give her a chance; they had all spoke of how unfair she was
Her story was too old they said she should have come forward sooner
This is just a lie being brought forth by the others The old men would say we will give her the time to make her case. But the time is limited
For we need to vote for our man the very next day
The old men were such afraid, they themselves
Would not do the questions, they brought in a handmaid woman to do their dirty work
This brave woman still stands her ground
They try to discredit her with their lies
They even threatened her
Through a campaign run by the party thugs
But all that they prevailed to do, was give rise to me too
Yes more women come forward with courage to share their words
A cleans was a need for all the pain that they bare
Standup people let it be said that we want the world to know the truth
Let these women be heard!

Guildford H Windley
September 26, 2018

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