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The Maiden Of Obsession, Utter Implosion.

The Maiden Of Obsession, Utter Implosion.

by: jordan zuniga

“Obsessive thoughts run through her blood,
Petty thoughts run through the foulest mud,
Creeping on the suns red dawn,
Sanity all but gone,
Do not yield to this demon from above,
Never representing love,
She comes so coy and ever sincere,
Yet shadows lurk upon whats clear,
Gets away with murderous intent,
My time is all but spent,
I will not let her in this door,
Less pain come forth from memories before,
I will not respond in bitter spite,
Nor continue a war, An endless fight,
My mind so wrought with corrosion,
The maiden wrought of obsession, The eventual utter implosion.”

As someone who has had women acting in this way, deceptive and seductive, my heart is of sure Steel. It seems nigh impossible for a heart to not love nor seek it, but in truth due to mistakes of misplaced trust, I can speak from utter surety that my fortress is nigh impregnable, for obvious reasons. Be wary of those who are too outspoken, many are deceivers of all, including themselves.

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Noble Member
2 years ago

this is amazing!!!

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