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The Next Chapter Of Your Life

The Next Chapter Of Your Life

by: Guildford Windley

The Next Chapter of Your Life
We live in trying times
With sadness and some pain
We struggle with the past, for now, the winds of change
For we fear the unknown future
But change is good for us, for we can never be the same as time move on, and those who do not change are lost into the past
Life is like a series of chapters in a book call us, and with each new chapter there are new realizations of what life is all about
In our quest for what we think is right at points, we run amok
Our moral compass sometimes is at a loss or we find ourselves down and out of luck
But then again with some luck, we find another soul, who takes our hand and leads us back again, to share with us a new world
Thus a new chapter in our life will begin
Our point of view revolves and we see things in a different light
At times, as each chapter plays out its course of life, we may be villains or heroes
Sometimes we are nothing more than a bit player, loss within the scene of life, no one sees the pain, and no one knows of us, they do not hear our cries
But with each new day, there are times of laughter and of play
For sorrow or happiness hides within the darkness of tomorrow’s
Lift up a cup, my friend and drink of these bittersweet days
Find triumph over tragedy; look into the eyes of a child
There you’ll see the lost innocence that you once had
For with renewed purpose that could energize the spirit of an aching soul, you’ll like a child, you will grow
The new chapter need not be bleak, for the new challenges can lead to the blossoming of a rose
Happiness is not in the end results, for there can never be an end
A new chapter will see to that
No, happiness is the process of being part of a birth, as a new world unfolds
The joy of seeing things grow and to know that in part, although it may be small,
Your hands will help to mold a new day, a new way after all!
Guildford H Windley
June 7, 2020

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