“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.”
-Mark Black

As I mentioned in my last post, I took most of last week to catch up on a quite a few things both in my personal life as professionally. Professionally, I took the time to design some new ads for this site. On the personal front, I took the time to emotionally support friends going through hard times.

As the weekend came to an end, I felt relaxed and charged. The whole experience made me relax how important is it to take a breather and relax sometimes. Regular readers of this page might take note that I have touched upon this topic in previous posts.

I’ve talked about how advantageous self-care is no matter what endeavor you’re embarking upon. But what does self-care and relaxation do? And how does it differ from sheer laziness?

Relaxing is not allowing the things on your mind to become a clutter. When you relax, you’re still aware of things you have to do. You just prevent such thoughts from dominating your head to the extent that you can’t think about anything else.

Laziness is looking for a way out of those responsibilities. The need and desire to relax is a way to recharge recharge your batteries before they die all together.

Laziness is condemned by almost everyone but relaxing or taking a break is stressed in any profession. That’s why there is a paid vacation period in almost every profession. That’s why bodybuilders advocate a rest day in between workouts.

And the mental recharge is just one side of it. Relaxation, if done properly, can also increase the flow of blood in various parts of the body, almost ironically, giving us more energy. It also slows down your heart rate and can prevent blood pressure from going too high.

Like anything else, it’s just a matter of knowing when to stop. When you set about relaxing, give yourself a precise time of how long you’ll need to take a breather before getting into the thick of things. I decided last Tuesday that I would give myself till this past Sunday to rejuvenate myself and that’s what I did. As I type this article, it’s Monday morning and I’m ready to dish out several other posts this week.

If you’re able to keep these two principals in mind; being able to differentiate between laziness and relaxing and knowing when to come back to something, relaxation can be the perfect antidote to stress.

What do you do to relax and how often do you do it? Do you agree with the points made in this article? Why or why not? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below on our secure servers.

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Michelle (@michelle)
10 months ago

I really like this.. .. After much discussion with myself I have allowed my mind n body to breathe..Multi tasking responsibilities is now fun when done with space of mind. And relaxing is so much rewarding .
With lupus I had to be cautious. I give in kind but allow myself time to shine.

Shirley Satterfield (@guest_6984)
10 months ago

Relax is exactly what I plan to do after my current two books are completed and approved for worldwide distribution by lulu. I plan to spend the summer months just reading, walking, and spending time blogging for and promoting #dailywisdomwords. I just want to hangout here for awhile before I start my next book no earlier than November. Like Jack Nicholson said in the movie The Shining. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” And then he went crazy. That film had a good lesson for us all. Thanks Neel, I don’t think any of us are… Read more »

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