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The Real Border Crisis

by: Guildford Windley

The Real Border Crisis
Confinement, a place to hold
Those that you fear
But, you say they are not a pen
No cages do we have
It’s all fake news
So she says
But we have seen the children locked in these larges pens
Oh what you see, is not what’s you really see
We confine people for only a short time
These are illegals and rapists
But Madam Secretary
These are all young children
Locked in cages
We only separate children from their families
When we arrest their parents
Crimes that they have committed
But what crimes are these Madam Secretaries
They came to the border crossing
They ask for asylum
Border guard said, come in
Once they cross the border
A crime they did commit
The parents need to be sent to jail
Then deported because they are now felons
We have no choice but to take the children
But their detention is not a pen
These are a large fence in areas
With a chain-link
There is a concrete floor
For them to lay on
A toilet in the open
for all to see
Any problems that occur
Such sex assaults
Not our problem
As a cost saving to the taxpayer
We turn these children over to a private contractor
So you see
We have no culpability
But Madam Secretary don’t you think this is cruel
Oh no cruel is telling your family that they can find a better life
Now also what is cruel is no money for our wall
But Madam Secretary
Why a wall there is no emergency
We need it to stop the flow
But Madam Secretary these people are only asking for a new life
What is the real reason to deny these folks?
Gee, I thought the President made it clear
We don’t want brown people here!
Guildford H Windley
March 7, 2019

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Noble Member
2 years ago

I love this Gifford!!!

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