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The Truth Will Come Out

The Truth Will Come Out

by: Guildford Windley

The Truth will come out
The days are of gray
Long are they
The nights are cold
The silence last so long
One day is just like another
They just all run together
My mind is lost in this madness that I create
The door to my freedom is not to be seeing
I’ve locked myself in this world of my own making
Alone in my own despair, I have no hope
My eyes are blind to reality, I hear no truth
I live in fear, for the life I made, the crimes I’ve done
The charade I play for the people
I’ve conned my way through a world that I used
Money that I did not make still, I found a way to collect from the dupes
When my back was to the wall, daddy save me from the fall, yet I never learn the lesson
Living high on the hog, all while on someone else paid the price, foots the bill
My con and my double speak plays well with those who feel that the world does not heed their needs
Hypnotize to my words my audience feed my ego
Their approval rating drive the need that covers the fear that feeds in me
Deep within the recess of my mind, the darkness resides
Holding on to the corruption of my soul, I sold for a pot of fool’s gold.
Now the truths that I hide so well, sins that make this phony wealth, all the lives that I have harm
All the crimes that I have done, my fear will be realized as my self-imposed world will some come undone
Like an egg that breaks, and the yolk oozes out
The truth of me is flowing out!
Guildford H Windley
May 9, 2019

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