When we take vows, what does it mean?  Let us first take a  look at the defintion of vows in our Webster Dictionary.

Webster Dictionary meaning of vows-1.  a solemn promise 2.  a set of promises committing one to a prescribed role, calling, or course of action typically to marriage or a o monastic career 3.  Dedicate to someone or something especially a deity

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of vows-1.  a deep commitment made to someone that results in lifelong meaning or consequences

Vows are pledges we make with deep meaning such as with a marriage.  Vows resonate within our souls and hearts and we as human beings take them seriously.

I remember my first marriage.  I took vows to stay faithful and true and adhered to these vows for years.  After approximately a decade, I knew my marriage was in trouble.  We had drifted apart as individuals having less in common than we used to.  We stopped communicating.  Slowly I felt the concrete cracking for the vows I’d made.  They stopped meaning as much to me to honor them.

We tried marriage counseling but as it turned out, it was too late to save what already was broken.  Ironically, after our children were raised, 18 years later, we committed ourselves to one another again, without formal vows.  However, we knew we had taken new vows with our hearts.  Vows don’t have to be a public reclamation.  They can be a deep commitment from the heart.  In this case, the vows we took were from our hearts, and we have honored them over the last five years.

Amazingly, depending on how deep our character veins run within us, vows are sacred.  Most of us do our very best to stand by them.  I have also been in a relationship where the vows I took by getting engaged were not worth the words they stood on to the other party.  We were engaged approximately a month, before he broke our vows to spend the rest of our lives together.  The problem was in the foundation they were laid upon.  These vows were weak ones under the very best of circumstances.

Vows are only as strong as your commitment to them is.  I believe vows are also strengthened when blessed by God because in the eyes of the Lord, your making these vows.

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Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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