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The Wild Red Rose

by: Guildford Windley

The Wild Red Rose
I was six; he was seven when we met back in forty-eight
It was at the playground at our school
My friends and I were sitting on a bench in our pretty new school dresses
We would watch as the boys played
Back then it was that way
As I sat there on that day, he walked over my way
His bright eyes of blue had a twinkle in them
He smiles and looks just at me
Then he handed me a wild red rose he had a pick from the nearby creek
From that day on we were friends, he always would greet me at my door with a wild red rose, and then we talked as we walked to school
As we grew there came a time to date, our first was just one of many, and were really great
He would bring one wild red rose for me each and every day
He told me that where he got the roses was a special enchanted place
A place where only the purest red roses can grow, they are wild and free
Then he said to me when I look into your eyes I see the same enchanted place in thee
As the years went by we took different paths, but we were still friends
I would date other men, and he dated other ladies
But whenever we meet, a wild red rose he would bring
It was after college when I return to the home of my youth
I called him to say hi and told him I was nearby
He said great, how about a date, oh yes said I
When I open the door that night, there, he was, he was dressed so nice, in his suit and of course there was that twinkle in his bright blue eyes and wild red rose by his side
When went to dinner, as I remember it was a wonderful night.
As we left the restaurant and walked down the street
He said the night is so nice and clear it’s not too dark, may we go down to the trail that leads to the park
We stroll through the park to where the creek comes through
He said I want to share a secret with you, this is the magical place where I go
There, in a place near some old willow trees, just a short distance from the water edge were prettiest red roses I have ever seen
He then picked another one for me, but this time it came with a ring, and he got down on his knee
Well it was six months later that the wedding came
It was magical, all our family and friends were there
There were dozens upon dozens of flowers, but none was so special, like that one, he gave to me when we said our vows. A single wild red rose, to seal our love
That was fifty years ago, we had a great life
Every morning rain or shine, he greeted me with a wild red rose, as the sun rose
But then it happens the day that I dread my beloved did not bring me a rose that day, for some time in the night he died
We had a nice ceremony, where I cried and cried
We buried him on a rainy day, I laid a wild rose from our special place on the grave
That was just yesterday, as I sat in our favorite loveseat
A knock do I hear, at the door standing there
My nephew James, with the bright blue eyes he reminded of my own sweet love when he was all so young
Then to my surprise, he gave me a single wild red rose
I promised my uncle that for so long as your spirit is bound to this earth, a wild red rose I shall each day deliver to you
My uncle, he told me to say, that his body may be gone, but his spirit will live on
He, is with you as I say this, he holds you, do feel his kiss
He told me to tell you, you’ll find him on your demise
Down at the end of the trail in the park that leads to the creek
Thereby the grove of old willow trees, just a short distance on the banks above the old slow creek
You’ll find my soul waiting for thee by the place
Where the wild red roses grow
Guildford H Windley
January 31, 2019

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