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What is misanthropy?  Misanthropy, according to our Webster Dictionary means this:

Misanthropy-1.  a dislike of humankind.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-a dislike of human beings due to social issues within the person usually related to trust.

Misanthropy is often found in people who like to stay on their own and be alone.  One theory is that psychologically, they never have developed the social personality to deal with socializing and interacting with people.

Often, misanthropy is found in depression.  Depression causes us to want to isolate ourselves, and there is a dislike in being around other people because when someone is depressed, they want to isolate themselves.  Misanthropy is also found in people who have been through something tragic, and simply want to be alone.

Although I love people, and being around them, when I have been depressed in my past, I have isolated myself.  I didn’t have a dislike for human beings, but had a dislike of being around them. I wanted to be on my own, and certainly didn’t feel like socializing or being around anyone or talking to anybody.

Also, I understand misanthropy from the standpoint of something that happened to me approximately 8 years ago, when I was coming home from my son’s law graduation, and had a four hour flight already being overtired from the flight, and having just suffered a spinal fusion in my neck.

I was so overtired coming home from the airport, and being on medication for my neck fusion, I closed my eyes for a brief second, and fell asleep at the wheel of the car.  The car went off the road, and was totaled.  The police came, and actually were going to arrest me for driving while impaired, but I ended up going to the hospital, instead.

For four days, I felt misanthropy, not wanting to be around other human beings at all or speak to anyone due to the shame I felt.  Misanthropy is a feeling that can come and go, and eventually I desired the company of my family and friends.

Thank you so much for reading about misanthropy today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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