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To Mom With Love

To Mom With Love

To mom, with love.


As move away from the house, I did,

Tears I saw in your eyes.

I wondered, why should this be?

Why weren’t you sharing your smile with me?”

As your child had begun to climb the ladder of success,

smile you should have with pride and in peace.


Then after a while I knew,

that crying you were because I was moving away from you.

Oh mom! How i wish you could see?

Travel I am going to, to earn for our family.

Sweat I must today,

so that tomorrow happiness and luxuries come our way.

Oh mom! Please don’t weep,

as those tears brought me back memories,

of being sent to the school , in those days.

Then too, weep you used to as you sent me away,

and wish I used to if only you could see it in my way.

Back then and even today, those tears still remain with me.

Remind me do they of from where I came.

Make me aim do they, of where I wish to be.

As now I struggle, I do make a promise too,

that one day, I shall return with money and fame,

touch your feet and say, “Mom, I love you!”

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