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Truth Is What You Don’t Know

by: Guildford Windley

Truth is what you don’t Know
Once there was a man who wanted to be king
Who thought he was everything
He cheated and lied
All the time he would say with a smile
How he would make their country great
He held the flag in his arms; he cried defend it at all cost
But in truth, when in his youth, when called to arms, he could not go
Seems a doctor’s note he had said he should be deferred
No war for him, he stayed home and had some fun, which daddy paid for.
Now he rules this here land like it’s his own personal piggy bank.
His base of followers is blind to the theft, for they could care less. Their life is all fix on putting down those that don’t fit in their narrow concept of life.
His party did what he says, they lick at his feet like dogs in heat. They do this even though they know it’s wrong, but for power’s sake they hold their noses and turn their heads for money which they love flows from the master hand.
It is the masters behind the scene, who really pull the strings
These people who run the show have puppets who do the dance, they keep us in the show with antic’s for a distraction
To keep the mind away from the truth with hopeless lies
While all the while, the power that there is in control of the life that we lead.
Around the world chaos rains and brings about words of hate
Wars are just a way of life; the poor take all the blame for all that’s wrong and the wars just go on and on.
Refugees of the innocent fill the streets seeking somewhere to go, for the safety of the family. But no one wants the poor they just want the resources that the wars are really for.
Our environment is going down, soon we will have less land to live upon, the water and the air is turning to a silent killer, but no one is talking, too much money to be made.
We talked of collusion and interference in our election, the attack by the Russians upon our election.
But the truth will not be seen, for its useful distraction will keep us from what’s going on.
It’s not the Russian people who are our foe but the worldwide oligarchy that keeps us all off balance
The group of Billionaires works to keep their wealth growing, more wars of profit, no side they are taking, playing both sides is a profit for the taking.
All the while, the refugees no one is wanting as their homeland is a burning. The future of mankind is at hand, but the truth of what the world could be is blinded by greed.
In the end, we will all be dead, but those who come after we are gone, will not see the world as God created, but a place where hell was created, not by God, but by man!
Guildford H Windley
March 25, 2019

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