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Torn Between Two Worlds: Material and Ethereal – Shawn T Murphy

Torn Between Two Worlds: Material and Ethereal – Shawn T Murphy

BOOK TITLE: Torn Between Two Worlds - Material and Ethereal


Torn Between Two Worlds, Material and Ethereal, is the third book in a trilogy written by the author, Shawn T. Murphy.  The third book, the Material and Ethereal, focuses on the world we live in today, compared to the world we cannot see, the invisible.  Murphy points out that all of us are at different points in our lives, and are more ready to receive this information than others.

As with the previous two books, Shawn T. Murphy points out all of his opinions with supporting references, which are impressive to say the least.  He points out the illustrations on the front of this book, as representing the viewpoints of the enlightened Greeks which show a temple referred to as the Erechtheion.  Murphy identifies with Greber because Greber was already a Catholic Priest.  The six Karyatides staring out to the ocean depict the women of Athens carrying the weight of society while their men are off at war.

Murphy mentions that the enlightened Greeks had a developed view of the beings of the ethereal world and categorized them as Gods, Muses, and Nymphs.  Murphy describes the battle of the ethereal world being fought since the beginning of time and cites many historical facts to prove it throughout the book.

This book will keep you interested throughout, opening your eyes to validations of Murphy’s thinking along the way.  Throughout the book, he points out how different the material world is compared to the ethereal world.  The book will draw your attention towards many interesting hypotheses including viewing the numbers in the Bible in Genesis from a new perspective, as well as the reincarnation theory, which points out we are all at different points in life on our individual journeys.

Murphy touches on the work of Dr. Carl Wickland,  a famous doctor known for looking at a medical cause rather than effect as modern medicine does.  Wickland provided help for mentally ill patients who were attacked by ethereal beings.

Murphy also recounts his own spiritual path and how it started, when he began focusing on the work of Johannes Greber’s book which challenged the author’s own Catholic upbringing.  Murphy identifies with Greber because Greber could not see becoming a Catholic Priest after becoming enlightened himself.

I personally found the chapters focusing on part of Revelations in the Bible fascinating, due to my own struggle to understand Revelations.  This book also covers the Menorah, mentioned in the Bible and explores possible numerical meanings, and a potential correlation the Menorah may have to its number of arms and candlestick holders.  The Menorah could as well have a potential correlation to the sun and moon and planets. Murphy suggests another possibility of the Menorah being built to represent our physical body which I found to be interesting.

In summation,  this book covers many controversial viewpoints but backs them up in a logical fashion.  The end of the book suggests several resources to understand better the foundations for Murphy’s theses.  Mark TTwain'sthoughts on Joan of Arc, who took command of the King’s army at seventeen, are particularly enlightening.  Walther Hinz’s work is intriguing as well. Overall, I rate the book and its theories and supporting references a fascinating read at the very least. Murphy has put his work in and should be commended for the amount of research and supporting documentation he provides in this book with his research and supporting documentation.


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