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We Are Crossing the Rubicon

We Are Crossing the Rubicon

by: Guildford Windley

We Are Crossing the Rubicon
We are at a defining point in our history
We are a country divided; this division was nurtured by the Russian oligarchy who is allies to American oligarchy
Their goal is the weakening of our Country and our allies, why?
The reason is for power and money and to control the world so as to maintain their wealth.
You may have heard the term crossing the Rubicon
This metaphor comes from ancient Rome
In the year of 49 BC Julius Caesar’s was governor of Gaul, The Senate in Rome told him to disband his army and return to Rome.
He was explicitly ordered not to cross the Rubicon with his army into Italy.
Which of course he did
His 13th Legion across the river this was the start of a civil war with the Roman Senate
As we all know Caesar won and the Romans lost the Republic to a dictator and the new imperial Rome era was born
Thus the Metaphor “crossing the Rubicon” means a point of no return
In our history, we have crossed the Rubicon before The Revolutionary War, the Civil war
Now like in ancient Rome we face that time once more: Do we choose freedom or dictatorship.
We are about to cross the Rubicon:
We have come to a point, a point of no return
Our freedom is at stake, a stand we must take
I can see the Rubicon a running, the waters are very swift
There no time awaiting
A house divided, a fire burning with emotions that are coming to a boil
We are at the crossroads what do we want to leave for those to come
A world free of fear, a place that we all can share
A place where the life of all living things can breathe
A place where love and care for all is more important than the dollar bill
Do we give in to those that hate and have no respect for those that are different?
Do we fall prey to the rich who want to keep their wealth in place?
We at the river’s edge
The government is corrupt its purposes is to serve a few, to enrich those who control
For the rest of us, we are just chess pieces to toss about
The River Rubicon we must cross
For freedom comes with a price
To stand before the presidency and bring the bastard to his knees
No Emperor, do we want, nor wealthy powerful people hiding behind the scenes
We cross the Rubicon with a sword in hand on fast-moving steeds
For the country that we love, for what we stand for as a nation
A place that’s not perfect but the Promised Land is at hand
No, we don’t need to look back at the evil that we have done and try to bring it forth for those who yearn for the good old days
No, we don’t want the rich and powerful to blind us with our own distrust
We cross that river of no turn to stop the spread of tyranny
For free people, the hope of all humanity
We must not fail in this task for if we do the world that we once knew will have past
A dark cloud will bury us in the devil’s hand
So ride with me my patriots as we forge the waters blue
To our last breath, we must speak out for justice to be done
I have crossed the Rubicon her waters do run blue
On the other side, a fight awaits for freedom to be won, for freedom is a fight worth the fighting for.
Guildford H Windley
September 28, 2019

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