Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.
-Wayne Dyer

What is manifestation? And can it do all the wonders that self-help gurus and motivational speakers attest to?

If we start at the beginning, manifestation is described as an event or action that examplifies a theory or an abstract idea.

And people who put it in a religious context believe manifestation is events or actions stemming from spiritual thoughts coming to fruition.

However one looks at it, it boils down attracting what you think.

But the million dollar question is, does it actually work? Can we control our destiny by simply embracing optimistic thoughts?

I would say yes and no.

In a literal sense no because it’s not possible. I could repeatedly tell myself I’ll win the lottery but then, so could thirty-million others. Who will the universe listen to?

Similarly, I could keep telling myself that my twenty-dollar bill is really a hundred but it’s not going to change.

Where I do think it helps is bringing a peace of mind even in the most harsh circumstances. That in turn clears the clutter in our minds, enabling us to think of solutions faster and more efficiently.

In a lot of ways, it’s like studying for a test. If you study in a noisy area with a lot of distractions, you’ll hardly absorb anything. But in a more quiet, isolated area information resonates much better.

From that point of view, I think manifestation does indeed work. Thinking positively has a huge effect on your heart, blood pressure, headaches, etc.

While not obvious at first, all of those ailments have at least a modicum (and sometimes more) of influence on how we think, act and most importantly, react.

In short, I would say that manifestation is very much real. But our expectations from it need to be a bit more practical and our own efforts towards creating it need to be more sincere.

Do you believe in the power of manifestation? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below.

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